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About Idalita

Author Idalita Wright Raso is a freelance writer based in Cleveland, Ohio and has written feature-based stories for the Lake County Gazette in Ohio. Eye of Saturn: The Daughters of Saturn is Raso's first novel.

"I have always loved vampires. From the moment I read Bram Stoker's Dracula I was hooked! I find vampires sexy, dark, scary and mysterious. My favorite television show growing up was Dark Shadows. I have seen every Christopher Lee Dracula movie, Hammer Films produced. And yes, I even watched and loved the 1972 American blaxploitation horror cult classic, "Blackula" and "Scream Blackula Scream."

While writing the Eye of Saturn series I also created a language called Solsatihel—the language of Saturn. The inspiration for the language came as a result of listening to the 2005 NASA's Cassini-Huygens spacecraft audio recordings of Saturn's intense radio emissions. The recordings had eerie whistling, frightful whooshing, and haunting warbling echoes.

My vampire series incorporates the classic Gothic vampire with magick, the occult, and sci-fi—interweaving the genres into one horrifying vampire tale." Idalita Wright Raso

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