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Indie Actor Jason Walker Talks Horror

Posted by Idalita Wright Raso on October 22, 2016 at 11:15 PM

Today I have the privilege and honor of speaking with Indie film and stage actor, Jason Walker. Also I can add writer and producer to your credits as well. Is that right?

(Laughing) “Yeah we're working on that last part.”

Thank you for joining me.

"Great to be here"

To begin I know you are a big fan of horror, what books or movies have inspired you?

"I love Zombie movies! Night of the Living is a classic to me, and I love the Dawn of the dead remake. It's hard for me to narrow it down really, because I have favorites across all the horror types!”

What do you think about today’s horror?

“I like some of it, but some of the other stuff is not original. A lot of the things they're doing now were done in the 80's... Which isn't necessarily bad, as long as you have a strong plot and add something new.”

What would you like to see in horror (film, books, graphic novels) today that is lacking in the genre?

“A really good plot! Take 28 days later... My friend and I disagree about this movie all the time. He feels the movie didn't focus enough on the Zombies, but I felt the writer made a strong point on who the true "monsters" were. I love when a horror movie screws with your mind!”

What projects you are currently working on?

“Right now, we're filming content for our YouTube Channel... Wow we actually start filming this weekend and still don't have a name for it yet! On top of getting back in front of the camera myself, with a few independent films... Yeah October is very crazy for me!”

Well thank you Jason for taking the time out of your busy schedule to speak to me.

 “It’s been my pleasure.”




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