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New Release Available Today! eBook & Paperback

“Eye of Saturn is beautifully written. I was gripped from the very first sentence and couldn’t stop reading. Eye of Saturn is utterly captivating. 5 Stars!” ~ Readers’ Favorite

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In Cleveland area stores: Visible Books 2258 Professor Ave Cleveland, Ohio 44113   

Eye of Saturn vampire horror series, combines alluring supernatural characters, romance, betrayal, and revenge. 

"Blood is the seat of the soul."

Have you ever had a dream that led you to a remarkable world filled with colorful characters that seemed so real, so vivid, you didn’t want to wake up? Well, author Idalita Raso had such a dream.

"In 2005 three angelic-looking, women came to me in a dream and presented me with three unique gifts, one of which was this story.

Going back five-hundred fifty years, the main characters of this tale appeared in my dreams over a two-year period, each telling me horrific, detailed accounts of the supernatural events that took place in their lives.

The book series is based on my dreams and a raging storm that took place on the planet Saturn on Nov. 9, 2006 that resembled a human eye." Idalita Wright Raso

Set in medieval Spain, the Eye of Saturn series is a terror-filled tale about a pair of star-crossed lovers, a bloodthirsty religion, and a powerful curse.

Felipe Esteban de Hayos Montoya, the son of a powerful statesman, is forced to marry a mysterious Moorish woman, Lilith Al-Salameh.

Lilith has always loved Felipe, the man with the soulful brown eyes. However, Lilith is hiding a dark secret. She is actually the god Saturn's Immortal High Priestess and has plans to transform Felipe into an immortal, like herself.

Lilith's plans are dashed the moment Zaybeth Castile arrives and Felipe falls in love with her. Learning of her husband's betrayal, Lilith seeks revenge and opens the Eye of Saturn, cursing Felipe into a vampire for five and a half centuries and Zaybeth into the only one who can save him.

©2010-2023 Idalita Wright Raso. All rights reserved.

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